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                     Volunteer Responsibility 


DOLOCOIN: Volunteers will be asked to do a number of tasks ranging from recruiting to fund raising, interviewing perspective clients and possibly even cooking meals for picnics and banquets. We will be calling on the volunteers to use their skills to help the mentoring group reach all of it’s intended goals and even go beyond that. Our main goal is to serve the youth of this city and do as much as we can help create options for them and work with them to keep those options open.

DOLOCOIN: Volunteers can, if it fits their schedule, sign up to make school visits. These visits will be done according to school and DOLOCOIN Mentoring Group policy, no exceptions. Rules have been put in place for the safety of each child, the DOLOCOIN staff, volunteers, and school faculty.

DOLOCOIN: Volunteers will be given the task of developing and maintaining relationships through telephone contacts and other forms of media such as e-mail, twitter, facebook, DOLOCOIN website etc.

DOLOCOIN: Volunteers will be responsible for making calls to encourage students to do their best to reach the goals they have set, keep good attendance in school, make good grades, be creative, complete community service hours, and learn how to contribute to society.

DOLOCOIN: Volunteers will keep records of all contacts made with each participant. Notes of each person’s progress will be turned in periodically and information will be shared in monthly dolocoin meetings only. No confidential information will ever be asked for, accepted or shared. Some informations may be shared on the dolocoin website with the proper approval.

DOLOCOIN: Volunteers will participate and encourage others to participate in all fund raising efforts.

Volunteers will also be charged with the task of exploring resources that will help each individual that they are assigned to mentor and or other participants that are a part of the DOLOCOIN Mentoring Group.

As a group, we are all responsible for the continued growth and professional, physical, mental, moral, and spiritual development of every child that participates in the DOLOCOIN Mentoring Group.

Remember the old African proverb that states:” It takes a village to raise a child”.