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I Have a Dream Too


“I Have a Dream Too!” A DOLOCOIN Mentoring Project


The program is intended to offer continual activity options for the youth and young adults of various neighborhoods and communities throughout the city.



Advantages to the program:


  1. By offering a wide range of activities, we can insure that there will be something that will appeal to an assorted group according each person’s interests.
  2. It will give young people the chance to explore different career interest and determine their future paths.
  3. The program has the potential to develop and/or enhance the social skills in children and young adults.
  4. The program also offers the opportunity for all participants to build self-confidence, self-esteem and self-worth through personal accomplishments as well as group accomplishments.
  5.  It allows for participant input so that everyone can be assured that they are a vital part of the growth of their neighborhood, community and city.
  6. Giving each individual the responsibility of helping to develop and redevelop his/her surroundings will encourage them to take pride in and develop a greater interest in the area in which they live.
  7. By working in groups and on individual projects, individuals learn to improve their own decision-making skills.
  8. Another benefit is the community will soon take notice of the overall changes that are occurring and what individuals are responsible for those changes.
  9. Once children see that their efforts are making a difference, they will advertise their progress to those around them.
  10. It will produce an overall better society; more livable, cleaner, and safer. It will also produce people that have a greater awareness of civic duty for themselves and for the rest of society.


I have a Dream Too!


If you dream your dream and no one is around

In your honest opinion, does that dream make a sound?

If you dream that same dream and no one is near

Then how is it possible that anyone will ever hear?

If you never speak or utter a single word

Then your dream simply becomes the dream not heard.

Perhaps you have the device in your mind that will become the new main attraction

But we will never know unless you turn your words and thoughts into action.

Don’t be like others who lived their lives in much that same way

Holding back their dreams and refusing to put their visions on display

Don’t do that, you make your dream known, the things that are in your heart

You just might give someone the courage to make a brand new start.

And as for you, well, yours might be the plan that makes life better

Causing people to put aside their petty differences and all work together

So whatever you have I am begging you, please do not hold back

Our world needs good people to fill in the gaps and pick up the slack

Therefore, my plea to you is a simple one, please take time and think it through

Get courageous enough to stand and declare to the world, I Have a Dream Too!

Larry Sanders








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