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The DOLOCOIN (Dolla Menu) – Look what your $1 investment pays for:

Your hard earned dollars at work, building lives, building communities one leader at a time.

$1.00 Community Service Training – Each participant will be required to commit to 50 Community Service Hours Per year. They will learn the importance of giving back to their own community and what it means to others to receive the much needed help.

The benefits of community service;

Community service builds such character traits as kindness and selflessness.
Community service teaches and strengthens a person’s will to commit.
Community service creates an awareness of other’s needs.
Community service allows young people to build a work ethic that will help individuals mature into adulthood.
Community service teaches leadership skills.
Community service helps to change and shape lives, it provides a since of humanity.
Community service helps to build a college acceptance resume’.
Community service needless to say, has numerous and widespread benefits everything from psychological to social and even physical. Positive attitudes can be achieved from participation in community service. Studies have also shown that participation in community service decreases stress and depression.
Designated community service areas:

New House Battered Women’s Shelter, Niles Home for Children, 40 Highway between Logan and Lee’s Summit Road

$1.00 Customer Service Training – We will be teaching customer service as it pertains to the workplace, making sure each participant understands, and can demonstrate the kind of attention to detail that will make them job ready after they complete the customer service training course.  (This course for age’s 13 & up). Customer Service is an integral part of any job and should not be seen as merely an extension of it. A company’s most vital asset is its customers. Without them, they would not and could not exist in business. When you satisfy your customers, they not only help you grow by continuing to do business with you, but recommend you to friends and associates.

The practice of customer service should be present in all areas of business, home, school and all other areas of a person’s life.     

$1.00 Leadership Training – Participants will receive political style training, and will have the opportunity, after meeting certain criteria to run offices within the DOLOCOIN organization, such as, Jr. President, Jr. Vice President, Jr. Secretary and Treasure. Some will also be appointed to positions like Jr. Board members and various other positions of leadership. Each person running for office must meet the following criteria:

1.      Must achieve and maintain at least a 2.5 GPA

2.      Must complete at 25 hours of community service before being elected and complete a total of 50 community service hours each year while in office.

3.      Must attend at least 80% of scheduled meetings.

4.      Must be in good, and remain in good standings with the school you attend.

5.      Must be in good fellowship with the DOLOCOIN Mentoring Group.

6.      All dues and required fees must be paid prior to Election Day. ( Saturday April 16, 2016)

7.      Each person running for office must select a campaign manager and submit their name to the DOLOCOIN Mentoring group for approval.

8.      Each participant must engage in at least 2 formal debates prior to Election Day.   

9.      Each person must develop His/her campaign slogan

10.   Each person will be allowed the opportunity to make a least 2 campaign speeches during meetings and regular gatherings of the DOLOCOIN Mentoring Group.

11.   Campaign posters will be made for each individual once they have developed their campaign slogan, and the campaign manager has been approved.

12.   Elected individuals will be required to maintain the standards of the DOLOCOIN Mentoring Group at all times. 

 The elected participants will sit in on meetings and be present during certain types of business negotiations. We will help your student identify leadership styles and teach them leadership skills using hands-on training methods that will help them grow and give them confidence in making difficult decisions.

Here is a short list of the qualities of great leader. Your child will have the opportunity to sharpen these skills and many in the DOLOCOIN Leadership program.

Intelligence and Action-Oriented Judgment: Great leaders are smart and make choices that move the group forward.
Eagerness to Accept Responsibility: Strong leaders take on responsibility and don't pass the blame on to others.
Task Competence: A great leader is skilled and capable.
Understanding Followers and Their Needs: Effective leaders pay attention to group members and genuinely care about helping them succeed.
People Skills: Excellent interpersonal skills are essential for leading effectively.
$1.00 Multi-Cultural Seminars – The participants will be required to sit in on at least one multi-cultural seminar each year. This is a session where young people from different races, cultures, communities, and backgrounds share their views about and what it takes to become successful, and the barriers they face in doing so. This information is based on cultural differences and different types of advantages and disadvantages.

$1.00 I have a dream too! – This program is designed to help motivate all participants to once again believe in the idea that they have a right to set and achieve high goals in life. Each participant will be required to fill out a dream registry. The dream registry will become part of the permanent record for that participant. Staff and volunteers will do periodic checkups with each participant to help keep them moving forward to reach the goals they have set.

$1.00 Cover Me While Dream – This is a back to basics gap bridging effort, a program that is designed to encourage parents and children to work together and reestablish the true parent as leader relationship. It is set up to give direct attention to the parent, to show what must be done for the child in order to help him/her reach their full potential, be successful, confident and be prepared to take on the challenges of everyday life.

$1.00 Me-Me – Stands for (Mentor – Educator – Motivator – Elevator) – This program is designed to encourage children to learn all they can with the idea in mind that they themselves will be in a leadership positions someday with the responsibility of teaching others the things that they have learned. The program also puts a strong emphasis on selflessness. It is a slightly different approach to leadership than what conventional methods teach.

$1.00 ea some of the other programs are: Public Speaking Seminars, Debate, Motivational Training, Financial Planning, (College and Career Planning, Offered by WEB Dubois Learning Center), Behavior Modification, Sports and Exercise.

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We ask our investors and potential investors to please consider the content and the intent of all programs presented by the DOLOCOIN Mentoring Group and please feel free to follow our progress as we help to develop the lives of the children of our communities and cities.

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