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Mission Statement of DOLOCOIN Mentoring

  To help provide opportunities for the young people of our community to grow and experience life through structured and inspired training and activities, organized sports, training seminars and exposure to positive life styles and situations..


Vision of DOLOCOIN Mentoring

  To develop an organization geared towards the development of the young people of our communities, to be an outlet for single parents and grandparents who want or need help in guiding their children into and through the tough challenges and various stages of growth.


Pledge of DOLOCOIN Participants

  I will choose to live a good and fruitful life and seek out ways to improve the quality of life; not only for myself but for those who are around me. It is my choice to make life worth living for myself, my church, friends,  neighbors, family, school, community and city. I will not let society define who I am or who I will become. I will make the right life choices, educational choices, and family life choices. I will choose to live according to the rules and laws of this land, my church, home, school,  community and city. When faced with a difficult task I will try my best to accomplish it, or seek out the resources given to me for help, such as, pastors, teachers, family, friends, and the DOLOCOIN staff and it's volunteers. I will not give up.