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During the summer of 1974 while playing basketball in my back yard, I witnessed an incident that has stuck with me and motivated me until this very day. The incident was the robbery and murder of a taxi cab driver that took place less than twenty feet from me. I remember thinking that the reason we moved south was to get away from that very kind of activity but yet here it was right in front of me.

Shortly after that, and few more similar tragedies later, I started thinking about ways to bring about positive change to the lives of the people of my community. I thought about it during my years in the army and shortly after I returned home I began putting together a plan to mentor young men in the neighborhood and at church. I got started in April 1982 forming different sports teams. The one thing I stressed to them and I still stress today: the sports teams are not about making them better basketball, baseball, or football players. The focus is on making them better people, sons, students, friends etc. If they happen to excel in sports and win games that is a bonus, but the real goal and focus is always to win at life. At DOLOCOIN we try to stress to young people to get the best education you can get and then use it to the fullest. We try to encourage them to keep their options open by living the best possible life, set goals, work to reach them and never let quitting become an option.

DOLOCOIN Mentoring is formed with the growth of children in mind, growth that will make them assets to the community that they will work and serve in. The benefits are great! Seeing children progress, learn just how much they are worth, then watching prove their worth by working hard to contribute to the community is a beautiful picture to behold.

I have had a few really great times over the years being part of a team of coaches that took a group of young men to the Boys Congress International Basketball Tournament in Phoenix, AZ. Many of the boys had never been out of Kansas City, but because of the intervention of some will people they started see themselves doing positive things. Thank God I have been able to help many young men overcome some adverse situations that they faced, from those who witnessed murders at an early age, like I did, to those who just needed someone to tell them “you can make it”.

This is a very brief summary of my life as a mentor and what it means to me to help someone accomplish the things that makes life better for them and those that are around them. So if you ask why I do this, first of all, I feel lead of God to do it.  Secondly, I see a great need for it in our community. Thirdly, it’s in my heart. My daughter Charmainne told me of quote she heard at seminar she attended. "In order for you to help someone who is in trouble you have to be willing to put yourself in harm's way, otherwise you won't be able to help bring them out".